FUD: Facebook and GraphQL

A while back, I wrote about a few different fears that I think hold some people back from using GraphQL. Apparently I missed one. It’s called… Wait for it… Facebook For those that don’t know, GraphQL was built by Facebook. Their front-end engineers got tired of dealing with the problems that REST presented them with, … [Read more…]

We Need More Best Practices In GraphQL

The other day, a coworker pulled up a chair next to me and said one of my favorite things to hear. “I’ve got some questions for you about GraphQL.” I was among the first to start to venture out into the world of GraphQL at RevUnit, and I’ve been been singing it’s praises ever since … [Read more…]

5 Things to Love about GraphQL

There are a lot of things to love about GraphQL, and a lot of reasons to use it. Here are 5 of my top favorite things about it. #1 Introspection GraphQL APIs understand themselves. I can query my API and see everything about my schema – what fields, objects, types, interfaces, and other entities that … [Read more…]