Handling Errors in GraphQL

If you work in software, you’ll inevitably have to deal with errors at some point. As hard as we try to make our code bulletproof, our systems fault tolerant, and our user interfaces crystal clear, there will be problems. Code won’t work as intended. Systems will fail. Users will get confused and do something unexpected. … [Read more…]

GraphQL Has A Subtle Naming Problem

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. — Phil Karlton Most programmers have heard this quote from Phil Karlton, and with good reason – it tends to resonate. If you’ve ever dealt with caching then you know that it’s not caching an item that’s hard – it’s making … [Read more…]

Should You Use GraphQL For Your MVP/POC?

Startups and large corporations alike know the concept of an MVP or a POC. These are important tools when attempting to determine the viability of a concept without sinking a lot of unnecessary time, money, and energy into the idea. This brings us to the question I want to explore today:¬†does GraphQL make sense for … [Read more…]

Dispelling Common Misconceptions About GraphQL

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about GraphQL out there. Let’s take a look at a few of them and I’ll do my best to address them. Misconception #1: GraphQL exposes my whole database! Reality: GraphQL gives you fine-grained control over what data you expose This is probably the most common misconception that … [Read more…]

Stop Fighting the Type System

How can I either change the format of the errors returned or else turn them off completely? This is the question I recently encountered from a newcomer to GraphQL – a strange question to say the least. He started with some background. In the pre-GraphQL version of his app/API, when errors occurred, the app would … [Read more…]

Benefits of GraphQL on the Backend

There’s a lot of information out there discussing what the benefits of GraphQL are, but many of them focus on the front-end more than anything. This is why it’s so easy to convince front-end developers to use GraphQL – after all, it was built to ease a lot of the struggles they had. But what … [Read more…]

GraphQL Playground Review

These opinions are based on my experience with certain features of GraphQL Playground running v1.0.2-rc.1 and v1.1.1. Please keep that in mind as you read, since a new release could completely nullify anything I say here. Most people who have used GraphQL for any amount of time would agree that the king of GraphQL tooling … [Read more…]

Guide: Convince Your Boss/Team To Use GraphQL

Do you want to start using GraphQL at your day job, but just aren’t sure how to get the buy-in from your boss, co-workers, and/or team? I helped start a movement towards GraphQL at my job that eventually lead to GraphQL becoming the standard for all new projects. Along the way, I learned some things … [Read more…]

Build Better GraphQL APIs: Thinking In Graphs

When making the transition to a new technology, there are two really big blockers people tend to encounter that can cause them to give up: There are too many things that the learner has to understand before they can see and experience the benefits. The paradigm shift is difficult and can take time before the … [Read more…]