A New Chapter

Friday was my last day at RevUnit, where I’ve worked for the last year and a half or so. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone I worked with there, and for the opportunities that I was given. This is where I began to work with GraphQL after all! While it’s sad to be leaving, I couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure that I’m embarking on.

On Monday, I start a new job at with startup called Arvata.

Why am I telling you this exactly?

Well, I wanted to share this update with my readers as it will have an impact on my involvement in GraphQL and on this blog.

Before you start to worry that “impact” == “negative”, let me assure you: this is a very positive development. The last thing I want to do after investing the amount of time and energy that I have thus far into GraphQL { me } and GraphQL is leave it behind or reduce my involvement in them! No – this is a very good thing. The type of work I will be doing at Arvata will be directly related to GraphQL.

I’ll be doing a lot of work on the “evangelization” front – creating content, spreading the good news about GraphQL, that sort of stuff – as well as continuing to work as a developer. So what does that mean exactly?

It means that my day-to-day work will revolve almost 100% around GraphQL, which translates to being able to spend significantly more time on it! As a result, you can expect me to continue to pump out more content, and (hopefully) of a higher caliber as I dedicate more time and energy toward learning and growing in this space. I’m not completely sure what this will all look like in practice, but I can assure you that I’m going to be doing a lot more work with GraphQL!

Thanks for reading something a bit different – next week we will be back to our “regularly scheduled programming”!

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