Guide: Convince Your Boss/Team To Use GraphQL

Do you want to start using GraphQL at your day job, but just aren’t sure how to get the buy-in from your boss, co-workers, and/or team? I helped start a movement towards GraphQL at my job that eventually lead to GraphQL becoming the standard for all new projects. Along the way, I learned some things … [Read more…]

Stop Doing Hash Resolution By Hand

By default, the ruby gem for GraphQL will allow you to define your fields without a resolver so long as the object being resolved by the parent field for that type has a method with the name of the field in question. For example, if you had a Weather GraphQL type with a field defined like … [Read more…]

Build Better GraphQL APIs: Thinking In Graphs

When making the transition to a new technology, there are two really big blockers people tend to encounter that can cause them to give up: There are too many things that the learner has to understand before they can see and experience the benefits. The paradigm shift is difficult and can take time before the … [Read more…]

Shorten Your Argument List With Input Types

Before I discovered ruby, I used to be a java programmer. I have nothing against java (or java programmers), but there just tends to be something about java programmers and method calls that look something like this: buildSomethingFromThisAbstractFactoryAndSomeOtherStuffThatNobodyCanFollow(wow, there, are, really, sixteen, arguments, null, null, null, null, null, here, null null, null) Hint: if you … [Read more…]