FUD: Facebook and GraphQL

A while back, I wrote about a few different fears that I think hold some people back from using GraphQL. Apparently I missed one. It’s called… Wait for it… Facebook For those that don’t know, GraphQL was built by Facebook. Their front-end engineers got tired of dealing with the problems that REST presented them with, … [Read more…]

We Need More Best Practices In GraphQL

The other day, a coworker pulled up a chair next to me and said one of my favorite things to hear. “I’ve got some questions for you about GraphQL.” I was among the first to start to venture out into the world of GraphQL at RevUnit, and I’ve been been singing it’s praises ever since … [Read more…]

5 Things to Love about GraphQL

There are a lot of things to love about GraphQL, and a lot of reasons to use it. Here are 5 of my top favorite things about it. #1 Introspection GraphQL APIs understand themselves. I can query my API and see everything about my schema – what fields, objects, types, interfaces, and other entities that … [Read more…]

Clean Up Your Schema With Resolvers And Functions

Once you’ve been doing GraphQL for a while, you might start to notice that you have some repetition, or that your schema is getting unruly due to large resolvers. In this post, we will explore some ways that you can trim this down and share functionality between your fields using resolver classes and GraphQL::Function. When … [Read more…]